Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Will You Be This Summer?

I'm running out of ideas for my daughter to do this summer. Besides starting an on-the-job training at crame by May, I still have to take the red cross seminars in April. These leave me with just the weekends to spend with my not-so-little one during her vacation. Anyway, I've already booked ourselves for Banaue-Sagada on April 15-18 but Ikee and I will leave ahead of Boyet because we are going to Vigan. Ikee is learning photography (on her own and thru the internet tutorials) and she likes shooting in sepia and black and white. Hence, what better place to have this than Vigan.

For one, Vigan is not that far away. According to my research, it is only 9 to 10 hours by bus and about 1.5 hours by plane. I opted to take the bus so that I can write about the experience. It is also cheaper to go by bus than by plane.

Another thing is that photographing in sepia or B&W has a strong reference to the past. Vigan has been able to preserve the spanish ambiance even while it is by now one of the country's tourist spots. Why, the place has been declared as one of UNESCO's Heritage Sites along with the St. Paul Subterranean river in Palawan among others in the Philippines.

So there. I'll tell you about our North Luzon trip when we get back. Where do you plan to go this summer?


zybert00th said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for visiting my site... yes, you can place the photos in your blog... :-)

I'm sure you'll Sagada, just like we did!

God bless...

Erik said...

We are hoping to visit Iceland at the end of the summer!

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