Friday, April 03, 2009

Notes on Sagada and Banaue

For this summer, the highlight of our vacation (and probably the only one) is our trip to Sagada. Here are some of the websites that have helped me with my research and planning for our Sagada and Banaue trip:

1. G-Strain my husband's friend, Gerry, and their other buddies' trip to Banawe. Details include a cost accounting for a budget tour.

2. Pictures of a Sagada trip - Calming the Giant

I love the pictures by this hobbyist taken during his trip to sagada. You just have to check this one out too. and the are most helpful too. I'm still looking for other companions so we can share the expenses. It will bring down the costs for all of us. The more, the merrier or so they say.

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