Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peri Peri Chicken At Megamall - Ok?

A few days ago Ikee and I went to withdraw her documents from another university. It was almost 11 am when we left the house and I figured that it would be lunchtime when we reach our destination. So, I decided to bring her phone to the service center at the mall. We rode an FX jeep whose terminal is at Building B of Megamall, where the Authorized Nokia service center is too. Funny though that when we got to the center, the phone was working well!

Anyway, we needed to take lunch before we proceeded to Manila. That way we would be able to maximize time. While walking along the 4th floor bridgeway, we saw a Peri-peri chicken restaurant and decided to eat there instead. It was the first time I saw that resto and so I was excited to taste it. Remember, I'm the self-proclaimed family gourmet.

I was told Peri-peri charcoal chicken specializes in, quite obviously, charcoal grilled chicken. Just because we love hot food, it was Hot and spicy chicken for both of us. We were offered the drink-all-you-can soup and beverage for 49 pesos but we didn't try it since we were not quite hungry yet.

Our meal was served in a short span of time - about perhaps 10 minutes after we ordered. It was served with rice diagonally placed on the side which became the boundary for the chicken and the gravy. Aesthetically good. The chicken was a bit charred but that's alright since it was cooked over burning coal. What I found interesting is that the chicken almost didn't have any fat in it and looked more like free-range chicken. It tasted ok, not unusual, not strange but not a stand out. Yes, the flavors were there and it blended well with the spices but yep, that's just what it is chicken that lost its flavor because it blended with the spices. I don't like that. I want chicken to taste like chicken even with the spices in it.

The chicken resembles the taste of our very own Chicken Bacolod. In fact, as far as the dish is concerned I think Chicken bacolod, specially that one from Katipunan across Ateneo, is better. The one thing Peri-peri chicken has that Chicken Bacolod doesn't is the spice and the chili. I love their chilli sauce. It kinda makes up for the flavor that I found lacking in the chicken. Here I have compared the peri-peri chicken with Chicken Bacolod and Pollo.

(Scale of 1-5, 1 being the worst, 5 being the best)

Peri-Peri Chicken Bacolod Pollo Loco

Price (1/4 chicken) 3 4 3
flavor 3 4 3
Moisture content 4 4 3
Saltiness 4 4 4
time Food is SErved 4 3 4
Accessibility 5 3 5
Condiments 4 3 3

Dish Average score(flavor, moisture, saltinees, price)
3.5 4 3.25
General average score 4 3.57 3.33

So, for the dish itself, I would recommend Chicken Bacolod in katipunan across Ateneo. But, if you consider Food, accessibility, Serving time, price, etc. then I would go for Peri-peri Chicken.

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wow, you sure are a very good writer, Jane! keep it up!!! :)

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