Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pantoja Bakery - Goodies for Less

Have you been to a Pantoja Bakery yet? I suggest you do.

We went to one last week while on our way to fetch my daughter. This one is at the corner of the National Highway and the main road in Los Banos. It's right across Jollibee.

I was told about it by my mother-in-law when she saw the bakery 2 weeks ago. So, we paid it a visit a week later and voila! the goods were so cheap. And what's more is that their products are good too. So far the ones I like are the loaves and the crackers. need to go back there to check out the other stuff.

Another thing I liked is the idea of how they encourage people to bring their own shopping bags - they give a rebate of .50 centavos for each bag that is saved. Quite a good deal don't you think?

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