Thursday, July 14, 2011

IRRI Coffeeshop at UP Los Banos

One place that I do not miss going to whenever I'm at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna is the coffeeshop at the IRRI. It's a cozy establishment but it's nicely decorated with some painting of rice fields. The resto has glass walls that where one has a view of the vast, usually green and not too distant ricefield and the mountains and hills beyond it. The sight is perfect during an overcast. Picture perfect I should say.

I love their food there. They're cheap and yummy. The coffee ranges from about 30 pesos to about 60 when you have one of those fancy ones with ice cream on top of them. Their formulation is at par, if not better than, the more popular coffee shops I have gone to. It's perfectly brewed and its aroma fills the air. I just love the smell of fresh coffee. Brings back so much memories of family and friends.

In addition to the brew, I normally order one of their pastries that are chewy and not so sweet but which have a lot of flavor. I have mine with ice cream on top. The pasty costs about 40 to 60 pesos. The ice cream costs an additional 15 pesos. perfect. I love their carrot cake. But of course, my daughter said my carrot cake is definitely better. Well, she's my daughter. What do you expect. hah!

Their sandwiches are muy delicioso too. I've so far tried their chicken sandwich. It was very tasty - has enough creaminess and less salt and a generous amount of chicken. They also have pasta and other dishes in their menu but I've not had the chance to be there to eat lunch or so. Maybe next week.

The coffeeshop has managed to stay at the top of my places-to-go list. However, I'm tempted to suggest they feature at least 2 rice based treat. Maybe rice coffee and a rice puff pastry? Perhaps I should go write the owner. Ah yes, that I will do next time I'm there. Wouldn't it be nice to be called the Rice coffeeshop at the International Rice Research Institute?

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