Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee at Dal Cielo, Los Banos

Aside from the Rice World Coffeeshop at IRRI, I discovered a small coffee and pastry shop right at the main road leading to UPLB. Dal Cielo is in front of an elementary school and is about 4 corners before the main gate of the campus. You won't miss it as it has this huge umbrella at the al fresco area.

It's a bit pricey compared to the Rice World but they have more choices - more pastries, meat pies, pasta, and of course coffee. Boyet likes their coffee better than Rice World while I particularly like their lemon squares and cream puff. As for coffee, I would give it the same score I'd give IRRI's Riceworld - best ones so far in LB.

One that intrigued us and  which we eventually tried was their sugar-free sansrival.  I didn't quite like it though maybe because i'm really a sweet tooth. 

Dal Cielo is rather small.  The dining area could be about 20 to 30 sqm only.  Despite the size, their airconditioning unit is not able to make the place cool.  It's fortunate that that at the time we were there it was rainy.  It is tastefully designed though and the toilet, though tight, is well laid out that it looks rather larger than it really is.  The verdict - if you like coffee and pastry, try it.  but if you're on a budget, just go in and buy their lemon squares and other small pastries.

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