Monday, October 24, 2011

Radisson Blu Hotel - Simple and Elegant


During our reunion, my friends and I got to stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel.  It is situated at the Cebu reclamation area conveniently located as it is a stone's throw away from the SM mall and a few minutes to the city's center.  Its lobby is spacious and beautifully decorated.  Right at the center is a table where some plants with a few Birds of Paradise were tied and placed in large transparents vases.  It's nothing fancy but it is classy just the same.  It offered just the right atmosphere to hold a celebration of friendship.

 A few steps before reaching the front desk is a wide stairway that leads to a mezzanine.  Honestly, I didn't get to go to that part because we were so busy chatting.  Anyway, I took a pic of it to show you.  

 We stayed in a beautiful de luxe room.  There were two single beds and complete amenities.  As in other hotel rooms, its toilet and bath is by the door.  There, a huge well-lit mirror is at the center with the complimentary toiletries are placed which are replenished daily.  To its right is a glass enclosed shower. 

 Included in the rate is a buffet breakfast for 2.  This is the part I like.  There is a wide variety of food choices for the Filipino or foreign guests.  There were noodles, rice, meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, yogurt, ice cream, etc etc etc.  I can't name them all as there was so much food some of which I liked while others were not really bad.  I so loved the cheese platter and the bread. 

One of the hotel's facility is a large irregularly shaped pool that has a small bridge that you can use to walk over from one side to the other and not have to go around.  It's a pity we didn't have time to use it.  I believe there are other facilities in the hotel but for lack of time we didn't get to see them.  We were so excited just to chat and be together.  After all, that is why we were there in the first place. 


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jane said...

Hi. Thank you for visiting.

Davao Information Site said...

Looks like that hotel is really nice. You've got very lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

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