Monday, July 23, 2012

Bus Just For You

Consider bus rentals.  I've had several experiences with those and here are some:

When I was little, my family and I joined family vacations.  In the Philippines, family would not just mean the basic family but the whole clan.  In our case, the family would mean my maternal grandfather, his partner, his children and his grandchildren.  That's us.  We are a huge family.  my grandfather has 11 children and back then, 7 of the 11 were already married and had an average of 3 children per family.  Anyway, there are a lot of good memories during those trips most of which were in the buses.  My older cousins brought with them some muscial instruments, while we mostly brought food and some board games.  I believe the bus rental we used then were of the companies of the buses that plied the EDSA.  

When we were in the US and were planning to go to the Yosemite Park, we opted for a bus rental instead of bringing my relatives' cars.  We saved on gas because we only had to spend for 1 vehicle.  We saved on toll fees.  We saved on food costs as we had brought lots of food and stopped at some park to eat.   There was enough space for the small children to take naps and we didn't have to clean up after the trip.  What's more is that it was a lot of fun having everyone in one bus.  We sang, told stories, shared jokes.  It was convenient since there were at least 2 people who could drive the vehicle.  You know what, I even felt safer that we were in a bigger transportation.

While planning for my daughter's debut, I thought of bringing all of the guests to an out of town resort on a mountain.  That resort is near the university Ikee goes to. I thought her friends and the other invitees would all be able to provide for their own transportation. It dawned on me that most of Ikee's friends wouldn/t be able to go as many of them are not even 18 yet and couldn't drive according to Philippine laws.  I only have one car and my dad has one too but those wouldn't suffice to transport everyone.  Then I thought of a bus rental.  The city government where I live rents out buses at a discounted rate to its constituents.  It would've been perfect if we didn't have a change of plan.  

There are too many advantages at using buses and vehicle rentals.  You just have to choose the right one.  Consider the following when choosing what to rent:

1. comfort - will it be able to accommodate the number of people and the stuff you will bring.  I believe there should be an allowance of 1 or 2 person-seats.  This means that if there are 10 persons riding, the vehicle should be able to accommodate at least 12. 

2.  price - do your research. there are a number of car, van and  bus rental  companies that are published on the internet.  Also, do check out the ones in and the ones on the yellow pages of a telephone directory.  

3.  inclusions - some rentals have their own drivers, some need you to gas up after the trip, etc.
4,  permits and licenses - some buses or jeeps are used for public transport but they can also be hired for private use.  See to it that the vehicle has the necessary permit in order for you to avoid hassles during your trip.

These are but some of the things that you need to remember when renting a vehicle.  Next you take a trip with the family, try a bus rental.  You'll have memories to store when you do so.

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