Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chilline's T: A Beautiful House on A Hill in Tagaytay

If you're considering a cozy wedding or a debut with a view, why not look at the property of Chilline Attitude Corporation's T.

Yes, the name of the place is T.  Perhaps to mean Tagaytay, the property is set by the cliff with a magnificent view of Taal Lake.  It is perfect for a romantic get-away, a nice and quiet vacation for a family, or even to hold special occasions at.  From the driveway alone, the entrance warmly welcomed us with its foliage of light green, amber, and purple.  The first floor is actually thee house's rooftop which is strong enough to hold a gathering for over a hundred guests.

The house is Greek inspired.  It is mainly white with accents made mainly from natural materials - wood and stone. As we walked past the main door, we saw a wooden sofa set accentuated with a psychedelic painting. At least that's what it seemed to me, not that I'm one for the arts.  LOL  Anyhow, it was tastefully done.
stairway view from the sala

Just like any house on a mountain or a hill, the house's orientation is going down.  the first floor is where the entrance is.  A stone stairway lead us down to the sala  where I had noticed a large stone accent stood in the middle it.  most parts of this level had a view of the lake and the lone pool except for one bedroom that actually opened up to a garden. To the right of the accent we found the dining room which was separated from the poolside  by a glass door  A few meters down from the pool is where the sauna is located.

Another flight of stairs lead us to the basement where another room is.  most rooms have its own toilet and shower.  The master's room has a toilet and shower and a separate bathtub beside the shower.Anyway, I took the liberty of taking some pics.  here they are and you judge whether my description is accurate.


dining room

view from the dining room

masters bedroom

bathtub inside the master's bedroom

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