Saturday, June 01, 2013

Herb Republic - An Organic Resto in Los Banos

I had been wanting to try out organic restos for quite some time now.  It seems hard to make good stuff taste good too.  But not in the case of a rustic resto in Los Banos, Laguna.  

Herb Republic, which once was over a kilometer away from UP Los Banos, is now a stone's throw away from the academic community. My family and I tried to eat there at least twice before to no avail.  I thought they were closing shop already.  I was delightfully surprised one day when I saw their ad outside an old house along Lopez Ave. that they are now occupying.  Of course we didn't miss out on the chance to finally taste their food. 

The one that I like the most is their rosemary chicken.  It is roasted organic chicken and with fresh rosemary to flavor it.  It is of course tastier than their counterparts as organically grown animals are an the addition of the freshly picked herbs seem to crown them as the best in Los Banos.  We normally just order half chicken for the both of us.  

The other best thing that we love is the Herb Republic fresh and organic vegetable salad that you wrap in pita with its creamy dressing.  Of course I had to try their tarragon Shake which I find so refreshing till now. 

Anyway, in case you’re interested to see  them, check their website first and then gallop on and pay them a visit.

Oh, did I say that yoggie’s  yogurt now supplies their yogurt cheesecake there?  

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