Thursday, September 24, 2009

A High-Tech Vacation? Why Not? - Things to bring

As a backpacker or a budget traveler, would you bring a laptop, an ipad, or a phone with an internet access during a vacation trip? I would include that in my own vacation list.

For several reasons. First, it has saved us some money during our trips. Of course it is true that I do my research before I leave. In fact I start months before our scheduled trip. But when we get to our destination, we always end up having to decide on whether to go with our plan or change it altogether. This is because when we get there, we normally find other places of interest that are rarely posted on the net. Usually, when we have gotten some information from the friendly locals, there are tips that are valuable and should not be missed.

Second, is that we find use for it when taking note of where else to go and how to go there. Yup, locals might be helpful but not all of them. Plus, there's the language barrier issue. Like when we arrived at the Hong Kong Ferry terminal from Macau at 3 am. We took a cab and the driver didn't understand where we were going. He didn't speak english either. They have a central office who he had called but the girl at the other line didn't understand me either. It took us a whole frustrating hour to get to our hostel.

Third, also from ads on the streets from locals too, we found our way to some place but couldn't go back to where we came from. It was good that my husband had his Thinkpad with him.

Fourth, it offers you several alternatives for you to get the most from your vacation. Also while in Hong Kong, we decided to extend one more day but we were being charged more if we didn't go through AsiaTravel where we originally got our booking. Sure, there were computer shops but we would have to locate one. Plus there's the hassle of going out and coming back a couple more times than necessary.

Believe me. We've done it a number of times on our international trips. There are several other reasons but these are the ones that are worth mentioning. It's so much more than just getting in touch with your family back home to bring an internet-0ready gadget. Besides, with the new technology that have recently been out in the market, the once 2 kilogram, shoulder-tearing, back-breaking and tongue-falling high-tech gadget is now even lighter than your shoulder bag.


bertN said...

I bring my laptop with me, especially on long vacations, so I can download all the pics I take each day pronto. And with free wireless connection in every hotels, I'll be silly not to.

tagskie said...

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Empress Jade said...

I might not want to bring a laptop but some form of communication is important. A blackberry does the same job and is a lot smaller. I was travelling once in Hawaii (North Shore) and got stranded due to flash flooding. It was a big comfort and help to be able to look up road reports and travel condition on the Blackberry.


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